Mr. Zhang Shiquan, Mechanic Apprentice of AP Rentals Limited, wins inaugural Construction Industry Outstanding Apprentice Award

AP Rentals Limited congratulates Mr. Zhang Shiquan, a mechanic apprentice, on being recognised at the presentation ceremony of the inaugural Construction Industry Outstanding Apprentice Award held on June 29th at BP International. Organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the Award commends apprentices excelling in craftsmanship, knowledge and work attitude.

In recent years, AP Rentals has been active in hiring apprentices and investing resources in nurturing new hands for the industry, in turn helping promote development of society. The award is an encouragement to Mr. Zhang Shiquan and also, to AP Rentals, an endorsement of its dedication to training young people in recent years.
Finally, the wish of AP Rentals to all the award winners is for them to keep their passion alive and always remember why they opted to join the industry, so that they may shine and contribute to its future!