AP Rentals Holdings Limited becomes a member of the Business Environment Council

AP Rentals Holdings Limited (HKEx Stock code: 1496) (The Group) has been approved as a member of Business Environment Council (BEC) on 1 February 2024. It is expected that joining the association will help the Group to strengthen mutual exchange and collaboration opportunities with enterprises that share the same vision of environmental protection with stakeholders from different sectors, and further promote sustainable development.

The Group has always been committed to promote the sustainable development of the construction industry. Over the past decade, the Group has invested a lot of money and effort in developing environmentally friendly products and proprietary services enhancement. These include the Smart System for Mobile Electricity (SSME), which saves fuel consumption, and allow the use of high-mix environmentally friendly biodiesel; the green mobile generator (EKO-GREENER) with capacity from 60kVA to 500kVA and capable to use B100 diesel, which replace conventional diesel with waste cooking oil to achieve near carbon neutral.

Through these environmentally friendly products and services, customers can not only enjoy uninterrupted power supply at different venues, but also greatly save manpower, reduce fuel consumption, carbon emission and noise pollution. With the inclusion of telematics, the collected data can be submitted for collated analyses to assist in the preparation of ESG reports.

BEC is an independent, non-profit organization established by the Hong Kong business community as a pioneer in promoting environmental excellence in Hong Kong, helping to enhance Hong Kong’s environmental performance and move towards a net-zero economy. The Group’s participation in the Business Environment Council not only demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability, but also allows us to communicate and collaborate with enterprises in different fields to introduce better environmental products and solutions.

If you would like to know more about our environmental products and solutions, or would like to have further communication or co-operation with us on environmental projects, please feel free to contact us (Tel: +852 2170 8638 / Email: sales@apholdingshk.com).

Mr. Simon Ng, CEO of Business Environment Council, presented the certificate of membership to Mr. Thomas, Chairman and CEO of AP Rentals Holdings Limited
Mr. Thomas Lau introduced AP Rentals’ environmentally friendly products and solutions to attendance