Training Policy Statement

AP Rentals is committed to invest sufficient resources in training and development for all staff as an integral part of corporate development. We strive to ensure all staff receive appropriate training persistently throughout his working life in the Company. To achieve this goal, the following objectives are established:

• To provide relevant trainings for all staff (including staff who are newly joined or transferred to new positions) to ensure their competences fulfill the required standards and proper career development opportunities are provided.

• To identify the potentials and talents of all staff by conducting performance appraisal and provide sufficient development opportunities for them.

• To provide regular meetings for all staff to discuss their performance and development opportunities with their immediate supervisors so that appropriate training strategies can be established.

• To tie up staff development and business objectives.

This policy statement applies to all staff of AP Rentals Limited. It will be reviewed and revised annually subject to the necessity.

Power & Energy

For New Operator of Spider Crane
Spider Crane Operation Training

UR-W094C, ECO-295, UR-W295C, UR-W376C, UR-W546C, UR-W547C, UR-W706C, UR-W1006C

Machine Type
Spider Crane

14 days


Next Class

$10,000 up

2170 8638


According to Chapter 59J <Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear) Regulations>, those who operate crane must meet the relevant conditions, include holding a valid certificate before they can operate the crane.

AP Rentals has been approved by the Labour Department as one of the approved training course providers, providing training course for new operators of spider crane.

Course Content:

  • Relevant Occupational Safety and Health Legislation Applicable to Crane
  • Handling of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences and Reporting Procedures
  • Commonly Used Personal Protective Equipment
  • Detailed construction, performance, maintenance, operation and limitations of the spider type of crane involved
  • Potential hazards in lifting operations and their prevention
  • An overview of common types of work-related accidents in lifting operation
  • Basic operating skills for the spider type of crane
  • Conducting the inspection under the relevant legislation
  • Practical training should be composed of actual hands-on practical training of the spider type of crane involved.
    This should embrace the limitations and operating instructions and procedures, planning the lift, implementing the lift, and slinging techniques and so forthPre-use checks and preparation for work.


1) Applicants do not need to pay tuition fee when they submit their applications; The company will contact those successful applicants to pay the tuition fee and the class date
2) Each form is limited to one applicant; Photocopy of this form will also be accepted
3) If the number of applicants is insufficient, the company may cancel or postpone the commencement of the course
4) As a result of the course cancellation due to above Point 3, the tuition fee will be refunded in full
5) The company reserves the right to check the original qualification certificates of applicants
6) Applicants should be at least 18 years of age and must be lawfully employable in Hong Kong
7) If applicants fail to attend the class due to emergency matters, they should notify the company within three working days in advance for class re-scheduling
8) Applicant allows a chance to re-sit the examination if he/she fail the written examination and / or practical examination

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