Safety Policy Statement

AP Rentals places emphasis on high work efficiency as well as the safety and health of its employees. Therefore, the management has formulated a safety and health policy and is committed to providing appropriate safety training and allocating resources to promote and implement the relevant policy for employees and relevant stakeholders, so as to make every effort to enhance the safety and health level of the working environment of employees. Management and employees at all levels are expected to actively participate in and implement policies and activities and to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the performance of their jobs, and must be held accountable for safety responsibilities and obligations that cannot be delegated.

All employees and department heads should strictly monitor and enforce all regulations in the internal safety code and apply them flexibly to ensure that the working environment meets the principles of safety and health and to achieve the goal of zero work-related accidents.

In order to achieve safety objectives and to meet the requirements of the law, this policy statement will be reviewed and revised at least once every twelve months from the date of issue and will be revised based on experience gained during that period, changes in relevant legislation and valuable input from employees.

Safety Promotion

To enhance the safety standard of work, we applied an Operator’s Responsibilities, Warning Sign, and Operation & Service Manual for our customers’ easy reference.

Operator’s Responsibilities
We ensure that all equipment operators acknowledged the designated Operators Responsibilities.

Signs & Manuals
Safely operating construction equipment requires awareness of the conditions at the workplace. For the operator’s attention, operation manual and warning sign / labels are included in all AP Rentals equipment when they are delivered.

Operator’s Responsibility on MEWP:

Operator’s Responsibility on Generator:

Operator’s Responsibility on Spider Crane:

Quality Assurance

We select every equipment to the highest standards of quality & durability

Safety Device
All mobile equipment are equipped with safety devices by the manufacturer, which help to protect operators.

We offer preventive maintenance solutions that help our customers to make sure the equipment function in safety conditions.

Routine Check
We require an annual inspection and routine check on all equipment in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s standard in effect at the time.

Genuine Parts
Our service team ensures that the replacement parts used for repair & maintenance are factory-approved. We commit to select all parts and materials that will deliver excellent performance for equipment. We carry high stock levels of all common parts to reduce any downtime of the equipment.

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