AP Rentals Mascot Naming & Tagline Creation Competition Results Announcement

The AP Rentals Mascot Naming & Tagline Creation Competition was a big success. Thank you for your participation.

On 19 June, the judging panel selected the best and merit award winners of the competition at the office of  AP Rentals Holdings Limited, in Suite 1915, Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon.

The best name of the mascot, worthy of the best award, selected by the judging panel was “邦邦”. As more than one contestant  (two to be exact) came up with the name, the panel decided to award the best award to both contestants, and instead of two merit awards, it gave out one. As for the tagline creation competition, the number of prizes remained unchanged.

Below are the winners:

Mascot Naming Competition
Best Award:   邦邦 (Winner:Wong Tim Shing and Y.T. So)
Merit Award: 邦師父 (Winner:姚光明)

Tagline Creation Competition
Best Award:   領導四十載,開創新未來    (Awardee:Yim Shun Ho)
Merit Award: 亞洲領先,積累經驗,邦你發展!   (Awardee:Li Tsz Ying)
邦邦與你共創新天地    (Awardee:Lau Wai Yee)

The winners will be notified individually.