AP Power Supplies Smart Mobile Electricity to LIV Golf Hong Kong

AP Power installed a smart mobile electricity supply system at Hong Kong Golf Club to provide mobile electricity for LIV Golf Hong Kong, and successfully assist in the smooth running of this three-day tournament which was held from 8 to 10 March, 2024.

LIV Golf is an international professional golf tour event that brings together some of the biggest names in world golf, and hosts up to 10,000 spectators on each tournament day.

Temporary facilities including large screens, spectator boxes, players’ lounges and media centre across the 6,710-yard venue required a stable and temporary supply of electricity, and AP Power installed the system at specific locations to ensure a sufficient supply.

The biggest challenge of this electricity supply project was the scale of the venue. This required us to install a number of electricity supply systems.
With the availability of adequate equipment and professional engineering staff, we were able to complete the electricity supply project on schedule and help bring this international sports event to a successful conclusion.
To learn more about the benefits of AP Power’s mobile electricity supply or to request mobile electricity supply, please feel free to contact: (Tel: +852 2170 8638 / Email: sales@apholdingshk.com).

A selection of images showcasing the smart mobile electricity supply system for LIV Golf Hong Kong, provided by AP Power