2016 QSE Forum Titbits
2016 QSE Forum Titbits
AP Rentals Limited joined the 2016 Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) Forum organized by Shinryo (Hong Kong) Limited on the 25th November 2016 in THE WAVE. The event was a huge success, with over hundreds of people joining the forum.
To match with the theme of the forum, we didn’t only share some safety experience regarding to the aerial working platforms, but also by setting a booth exhibition during the event. During the talk, we have analyzed the major reason behind the accidents of the aerial platforms over the past few years. We also demonstrated AP Rental’s ‘5 Steps for Safety’ to explain how the equipment operators can operate safely. Besides, we have also introduced the latest SkyGuard® Protection system, which further increases the confidence and assurance to AP Rentals’ aerial platforms’ on safety issues.
The guests’ responses were vigorous, no matter to the contents of the talk or to the application of the equipment. Everyone discussed enthusiastically about the safety topics, how to ensure the competency of the operators and how exactly we could avoid accident when operating these equipment.
We have also displayed one 1:1 scale model of the UNIC Spider Crane (UR-W295C1) with a maximum lifting capacity of 2.93t and a real model of the AICHI Personal Lift (RM04B) with a maximum platform height of 3.8m on the exhibition booth. Due to the limited space in Hong Kong, there are more and more indoor works. The equipment we displayed could now replace the traditional lifting methods and can enter indoor places easily, which saves time, money and manpower at the same time. Many of the guests were stunned by the compact size of the equipment and showed deep interest to them.
The event ended with the guests leaving satisfactorily and AP Rentals was proud to be one of the guest speaker in such a meaningful afternoon, contributed in raising the safety awareness in the industry on one hand, while promoting more new and enhanced equipment to facilitate the evolution within the industry on the other hand.

Below are some of the highlights of the forum:

△ UNIC Spider Crane (UR-W295C1) / AICHI Personal Lift (RM04B)
△ Presentation about Aerial Working Platforms Safety
△ AP colleagues explaining the advantages of our equipment
△ Lively discussion with customers
△Appreciation from Shinryo (Hong Kong) Limited